Referral Routes

There are a number of referral routes that young people take to us. Read about them below, or click the referral form tab to get started.

SCC Vulnerable Young People


We are commissioned by Sheffield City Council to provide free services for certain vulnerable groups. The services involved are shown in the diagram above. If, for example, a young person has contact with any of the Community Youth Teams, certain voluntary sector organisations like Sheffield Young Carers, or Future Shapers in schools, then a worker from that service can refer them to us.  You can see all of the organisations involved on the diagram. Please note that referrers from other agencies not included in the diagram can refer young people on to the agencies listed, but agencies cannot guarantee that counselling would be made accessible for a child or young person via this route. Please refer to each individual agency for further details on their referral criteria.

Talent Match

If the young person has a Talent Match coach they can be referred directly to us for counselling by the coach.

Schools and Colleges

We also provide counselling and group work onsite in some schools and colleges. Please contact us for more information on referrals via school.

Young people funded by other organisations

Some schools and other services such as Social Care teams are able to fund (or access funding for) counselling for individual young people, so e.g. if the young person has a social worker they may be able to access funding for pay for counselling services with us.

Door 43

The Council have commissioned us to provide a limited amount of counselling via the new YIACS (Youth Information, Advice, Counselling and Support Service) based at Star House. It is called Door 43 and young people from 13 to 25 can self-refer themselves to the service and if counselling is identified as the most appropriate way forward, they will be supported to access this. If you feel this may be useful for the young person you are working with, you are welcome to pursue this route. Further information about Door 43, including opening times and how to refer can be found here.

Referral Form