Public Statement: Put Children and Young People at the Heart of Government Spending

Interchange works in partnership with statutory services and other third sector and voluntary organisations by providing counselling and therapy for children and young people with mental health needs. Our young people tell us that austerity cuts have had a profound impact on them. Increasingly they come to us with complex issues exacerbated by poverty, family crisis, academic pressure, and a lack of effective provision for Special Educational Needs and disabilities.

We are acutely aware of the limited resources in statutory services resulting in third sector organisations, such as ours, working with the most complex and vulnerable clients – victims of sexual exploitation, abuse and trauma. The government must act, and swiftly, because the cuts have devastated preventive work and early intervention and created waiting lists for those in crisis. We face increasing demand alongside diminishing resources now! Prime Minister, Chancellor give these young people hope, put children and young people at the heart of your spending plans.

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